TOE 1.0HP Treadmill Review

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 “Treadmill means installation hassle “, those days are gone. This treadmill allows you to display all in LED monitor with remote control facilities without the hassle of installation. It can be move and store easily by a person only which is suitable for your home, office, or apartment. Your regular exercise integrity can be great enjoyment by this.


There is two walking board which made up with height quality steel to comfort you on your workout experience. Product Weight is 18kg/39.6lbs only. Product Extension Size (L x W x H): 118*50*11cm/46.4*19.6*4.3inch.



You are welcome with a completely accumulated treadmill. It does not need to be reassembled by itself.

In depth Review TOE 1.0HP Treadmill


The peak power of the motor is 1.75HP. Its maximum capacity is 100kg/220lbs,
Speed: 1 to 6km/h adjustable.

Silence Technology:

The treadmill is assembled with 1.75HP Ultra Silent Power Motor which keeps it Silent and saving energy. Noiseless than 50 decibels, power consumption less than 0.5/h.

Shock Absorption:

50cm/19.6inch large running platform combined with six drives associated with shock absorption. That surface can carry the max weight of 280 pounds easily. This type  of area is good for running, prevent injury during exercise, and also protect your knees to the maximum.


LED Display:

A 39.5*8.5cm/15.5*3.3inch LED Display is always ready to display your running time and speed.

Easy to Move and Storage :

This is a minimal treadmill with a minimum height of 4.3inch and a length of 46.4 inches. With the convenient transportation wheel, you can move it freely. It can be easily stored in your living room, study, and sofa and also can store under a small corner or a bed.

Remote Control:

The treadmill is too easy to start. You can control the traveling speed by a Wireless remote control which even convenient to adjust the speed of the movement immediately to stop.

TOE 1.0HP Treadmill Display

At First Sight of TOE 1.0HP Treadmill Review

  • Ultra Silent Power Motor
  • Free Installation
  • Large running platform
  • Small body and easy to storage
  • Wireless remote control
  • LED Display

Why Choose it?

Hassle-free setup. Frames are made with high-quality steel with 220Lbs weight capacity and also have two walking boards for a comfortable and sturdy workout experience.

A very powerful motor with 3.0 HP assembles for a smooth walkout. Its convenient transportation wheels give you hassle-free movement and also could store it in your study, living room, sofa, or even under the bed. In this Machine, the Walking pad is come up with a large running area and a tabletop.

Easily to control the running speed with the wireless remote control and adjust the speed of movement. The treadmills are set up with a powerful silent motor for preventing noise. The LED monitor will assist you to monitor time and speed while workout.

The Pros

  • Sturdy construction
  • Free Installation
  • Ultra Silent Power Motor
  • large running platform
  • Small body and easy to storage
  • Wireless remote control
  • LED Display

The Cons

  • No handles
  • Need the practice to walk steadily
  • No incline option

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Final Words

If you are already an expert in exercise and looking for a small, slim and well organized treadmill that will fit your small apartment and is perfect for your fitness, then this treadmill is belongs to you. Need to purchase it only, no need to associate, its already fully assembled for its user.



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