Sunny Health and Fitness Electric Slim Folding Running Treadmill Review

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You want to keep up with an exercising routine but rarely have time to visit a gym or go out for a run. Still, you would not want to purchase a treadmill that is beyond your budget.

Sunny’s Health and Fitness Slim Folding Treadmill gives you an indoor gym experience within the constraints of your budget.


This Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill is feature-rich. Where most treadmills under $1000 do not have digital attributes, the Sunny Health Treadmill contains a digital monitor.

It is also equipped with a device holder, easy to grip handlebars and a media port.

Besides these, this treadmill is portable and easy to fold and store anywhere. To protect your joints and muscles, it is engineered with a shock absorption system.

With a plethora of features at an affordable price, this treadmill easily becomes an attractive option to purchase for an indoor exercising regime.


Unlike conventional treadmills that are massive and require more space, this treadmill is constructed to be conservative, smooth, and engineered lower to the floor so your body can maintain equilibrium and run at higher speeds. 

This special element is intended to help bring down your focal point of gravity to keep your body running quicker.

Sunny Health and Fitness Electric Slim Folding Running Treadmill construction


The console has an LCD screen that shows your time, calories, and speed. It also has an infrared pulse sensor to monitor and display your heartbeat.

Fitted in the console, the device holder conveniently holds any sort of device for you to enjoy while you exercise and a USB and headphone port to charge your device or enjoy music.


Sunny Health and Fitness Folding Treadmill comes with a plethora of features along with a motor that allows a speed of up to 6 mph

Although this treadmill is engineered to be closer to the ground, it can still take a maximum bearing of 250 pounds due to a wide deck. 

It’s lower planned construction makes the machine lighter but helps the runner to experience lower gravity runs.

Sunny Health and Fitness Electric Slim Folding Running Treadmill functionality


The treadmill has a 6-month warranty for all other components except the frame. Contrary to this, the frame has a warranty of 3 years.


The frame is composed of steel to hold the console, deck, motor, and handlebars together sturdily without being too heavy to fold.


With two handlebars emerging straight from the lower portion of the console, the Sunny Fitness handlebars are cushioned to avoid slipperiness to provide security and ease.

Sunny Health and Fitness Electric Slim Folding Running Treadmill Review handle and deck


This treadmill has a wide running surface measuring 20 inches to back your steps and give you a close encounter to running outside. 

Also equipped with a shock absorption design, the track’s cushioning helps your bones and joints against distress and prevents fatigue. 

Motor :

The treadmill’s excellent motor has a 2.5 peak HP that allows it to go up to 6 miles. Additionally, once the motor runs for 188 miles, the machine delivers an oil update for the motor’s smooth upkeep. 

Screen :

The digital monitor keeps track of the amount of time, steps, and calories. It also registers and displays the treadmill’s speed and the runner’s heart rate.

Sunny Health and Fitness Electric Slim Folding Running Treadmill Review Screen


The treadmill is held together by the frame which includes the console and quick speed buttons below it. 

Right below the console is a speaker that easily works when connected to any device. 

Emerging from both sides of the console are the cushioned handlebars for a soft and comfortable grip. The frame also leads towards a slim track with transportation wheels under it making it portable. .

The Pros

  • Easy to store
  • Slim design helps to fold 
  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • Padded rubber handlebars
  • Infrared pulse sensor
  • Contains speakers
  • Compatible with the Sunny Health and Fitness app
  • The motor is not noisy
  • Contains a USB and MP3 port
  • 9 built-in workout programs

The Cons

  • Not suitable for heavy runners
  • Maximum capacity of 250 pounds
  • No touchscreen
  • Speed capacity is low for intense running

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Treadmills Bad for your Knees?

Running exerts a force on your bones and joints which is stressful for your knees too. If you suffer from weak bones or joints, a treadmill will worsen it. Treadmills are generally more preferable for beginners starting on an exercising routine. 

If your agenda is to gain some needed exercise, an elliptical trainer would be easier and better for your knees.

Are 30 Minutes on the Treadmill Enough?

Recent research by experts finds that spending 30 minutes on the treadmill burns as much fat as compared to perspiring for 60 minutes. Shockingly, experts also found that spending 30 minutes burned an even greater number of calories.

This, therefore, exhibits that 30 minutes of activity on the treadmill is sufficient for prompt weight reduction or an exhilarating workout.

How Many Minutes Should I do on the Treadmill?

After getting accustomed to a treadmill, you can easily use it any day of the week or week-long. If you are a beginner, you should start gradually with a slow walking pace. Once familiarised with the treadmill’s pace you can increase both your time and speed on it.

After surpassing the beginner’s phase, you can easily spend up to 60 minutes on a treadmill to get in a healthy, risk-reducing workout.

Final Words

The Sunny Health and Fitness Folding Treadmill is an excellent choice if you are searching for a treadmill that takes up less space and can be set up anywhere.

This treadmill is a relatively smaller investment with the same rewards. The list of features and specifications above will help your decision to choose the Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill instantly. 

 This treadmill will help you achieve all the goals you were hoping to achieve at the gym within the comfort of your home, also providing you with a gym-like experience.

price check

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Let’s Watch video!! Sunny Health and Fitness Electric Slim Folding Running Treadmill Review

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