Sole Vs ProForm Treadmill | Pros and Cons, Comparison, Features

May 22, 2021 | Treadmill blog

Sole Vs ProForm Treadmill

Are you searching for a new home treadmill? And groove on to know assuredly about sole vs. proform treadmill?
People have deviating points of view and urgency to choose types of equipment. While some emphasize fine feature infrastructure for regular exercise, many emphasize ancillary features.

There’s something probably bothering you when there’s a huge array of options on the market that boast good features and durable build quality and it’s impossible for you to try every treadmill on the market. If you’re ready to own a high-tech treadmill with all the latest and greatest gadgets built-in, keep peace in your mind. There are sufficient treadmills on the market with fine-tuned classic features, affordability, and durability as their top priorities.

Sole offers the highest quality treadmills in the $1,000 – $2,500 price range which is framed with heavy-duty machines with the best market reviews. Sole treadmills are stable machines with a strong motor that’s classic for running or walking in quiet and drives different models to decide from a big list. While the price is a little over than some other models, their solid warranty and returns policies compensate for it.


  • Easy to assemble and move
  • Space-saving, foldable
  • Affordable
  • Bluetooth Fitness Tracking Capability
  • Cushion Flex Decks
  • Powerful Maintenance-Free Motors
  • Smooth and steady
  • Relatively quiet
  • Static-free motion
  • 2 3/4″ larger rollers
  • Double woven 2-ply belts with four layers
  • Speakers
  • Well designed console and display
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Delay in delivery
  • Poor customer service

ProForm Treadmill With Pros and Cons

ProForm is the largest selling brand of Icon Fitness including some series on it. Pro Series, Carbon Series, and City Series are associated with some prominent treadmills that assemble with plenty of features for the best fitness workout. Previously ProForm was in higher allocation but now plays in the mid-range ($799 to $1,999) in the market. With leading-edge technology you can get more cheaply is the reason for its fame.
One of the ProForm models recently received a “Best Buy” rating from a trusted consumer magazine with an “Excellent” rating in the categories of Ergonomics, Construction, and Exercise Range.

The ProForm features the brand’s top treadmill tech that is suitable for runners as well as walkers. Motor capacity ranges are high enough to smooth and steady movement. ProForms series belt range are big with quite spacious, and a power incline/decline from -3 to 15. All models have a smart HD touch screen that connects with the machines and assembles with iFit. ProForm offers 10 years on the frame, and 1 year on parts and labor warranties. Don’t miss to check Proform Performance 1450


  • Impressive -3% decline to 12% incline range
  • High speed
  • Reasonable Price ranges from $799 to $1,999
  • Foldable, easy to move
  • Decks that both Incline and Decline
  • Secure tablet holder
  • Solid frame construction
  • Cushioned deck provide a soft running surface
  • EasyLift Assist to fold it up and roll it into a corner
  • iFit Coach Enable
  • 1-Year Free iFit subscription included
  • Strong treadmill motor for this price point
  • Foldable when not in use
  • Built-in fans and speakers with MP3 Input
  • Customized Workout
  • Full-Color Touch Screen Display with Android Internet Browser
  • 10-year frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year labor warranty.


  • The screen still seems small
  • Fans are a bit noisy
  • Customer Service

User Interface

Incline Range

sole vs proform treadmills have the same incline range start at 0% – 15% incline. Both treadmills can change the level smoothly as well as in the transition between the various incline levels even at their highest incline levels they remain steady.


Both of the treadmills have the same speed range of 0.5 MPH to 12 MPH. if you do not need to run as fast as a runner this range is enough for you.

Speed and Incline Controls

Most of the proform treadmills are assembled with incline and speed buttons and have complete control over the speed and incline. Several inclines and speed buttons are not displayed on the sole treadmills. If you want to jump another incline and speed, you need to scroll using the upper button that is the erratum of the sole treadmill.


Both of them have a fan but not equal in power. In most of the models of the sole treadmill, a fan mounted on the top of the console creates direct airflow from the fan, though the blow becomes weak. But the proform models have the same airflow.

Fan Controls 

Sole has a single button to control the fan which is responsive and easy to use. The Proform has a two-button to control its fan and allow users to navigate multiple speeds.

Program choosing

Proform has the largest program facilities for its consumer than the sole models. Consumers have the chance to choose more than 30 different workout programs on the different models of Proform, where sole models have only 10 or more programs. But sole models keep two of the 10 programs for the user to create their workout, which is a great assembly on it.


Both displays are LCDs, with backlit screens and easy to read.

Entertainment Features


The speakers on the Proforms models have clear sound facilities where many models have tinny-sounding speakers with a good amount of bass with the higher volume levels. Therefore the speakers on sole models are sufficient sound quality to satisfy their customer.

USB Port

some models of both treadmills have a USB port.

Additional Features

some of the models of both treadmills have tablet-keeping space, water bottle holder, and others.


SOLE Warranty

  1. 30-day trial period for a full refund (shipping and 8% restocking fee may be deducted)
  2. Lifetime warranty for motor, deck, and frame.5 years for parts; 2 years for labor.
  3. The warranties broaden only to the original buyer and will require to be registered.
  4. For service or parts, Owners need to fill a form.

ProForm Warranty

  1. A 30-day trial period for a full refund (shipping and restocking fees may be deducted)
  2. Lifetime warranty on motor, deck, and frame; 5 years for parts; 2 years for labor.
  3. The warranty broadens only to the original buyers.
  4. Repairs first need authorization. Shipping to service centers for repairs, shipping for replacement parts sent to your home is at the buyers’ cost. For in-home service, the customer needs to maintain a minimal trip charge.


Both models are highly convenient, affordable, strong, and appropriate for work out which will give you the challenge to think about sole vs proform treadmill. A folding frame, the cushioned decks, and built-in features like or wireless chest strap for smooth and accurate monitoring, a cooling fan will be the appreciating features for choosing them.

The Sole F80 and the ProForm Pro 2000 are 5-star rated, best selling and award-winning machines with spacious running areas and fully loaded consoles which will be a smart choice for you.

There is much homogeneity within these two machines, where some of the sole models offer a better warranty, a stronger drive system, and a longer LCD. Under other conditions, some models of proform offer a decline feature and much more programs.

Considerable Feature When Shopping for a New Home Treadmill

There are excellent foldable treadmill models available to save your space and decoration. Folding made your treadmill like a burger and wheeling it where to keep.
Nowadays, Different brands of treadmills exist in the market with good quality and cost range. So for your better choice move to purchase a treadmill, you may consider the following:

Considerable Feature When Shopping for a New Home Treadmill
  • Cost Take steps to compare with similar models from other brands.
  • Belt Width Sometimes it will be difficult for many people to walk or run on a small treadmill with comfort.
  • Motor Size. Motor size impacts. A good treadmill needs a modest motor that creates strength and smoothness of a treadmill.
  • Return Policy. Check the return policy of the product with a full refund for your money priority.
  • Guarantee. Know clearly about the company’s warranty for replacement, different parts warranty, customer service policy, replacement policy.

Ask these questions and answer yourself that make your decision perfect to choose the right one for you.

  1. Will You Walk or Run on Your Treadmill?
  2. What’s a Good Treadmill Size for Your Home?
  3. Folding Treadmills or Treadmill alternatives?
  4. Looking for a Treadmill with an Extra Challenge?
  5. Want Lots of Workout Support and Feedback?
  6. Which do Extras Matter on your Treadmill need?

What’s best For You: Sole or ProForm Treadmill?

Over twenty years sole produced different treadmill and fitness products for fitness-conscious people with innovative equipment design. Sole’s simple design, emphasis on quality, easy-to-use treadmills, feature a convenient, space-saving portable design and warranty, all offer a great value.

The treadmills have a very stable ground with four wheels for ease of movement, folding decks to sustain space, and a warranty on a 30-year motor and lifetime deck and frames. Sole is always trying to assemble better equipment, more efficiency, with higher quality at a great price.

ProForm has a global range of treadmills that suit the category of the exerciser and every type of budget. Their ranges of prices make them affordable and a keen difference in quality as the prices increase to adjust for everyone.

It’s worth noting that sole and ProForm treadmills are quite similar, so consider comparing machines from both brands to see which one best suits your personal needs before diving into a purchase.

Final Words

Treadmills are a great way to get an excellent workout to lose weight and get into good cardiovascular shape at home with a best-fit setup. Foldable and movable treadmills are excellent to reduce the amount of space that is comfortable for those with a limited area.

 Both sole and proform treadmills are easy to assemble, easy and helpful directions, easy to use, have a strong structure, work well, deliver on time, and are affordable in price.  I would highly recommend both of them just think about your needs and choose one from them without a doubt

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