Matrix TF50 Treadmill Review

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Designed to use in both fitness centers and at home, this treadmill is a staple. It focuses on giving those addicted to a fitness routine, the same workout they would experience at a gym. In this Matrix TF50 Treadmill Review article, you are going to read out full details about the Matrix tf50 treadmill

The Matrix TF50 treadmill makes sure that your daily fitness regime is not limited to the gym but can also be practiced at home. With the help of this treadmill, you will receive the same immersive and hardcore workout you would expect in the gym.


The TF50 is the finest treadmill manufactured by Matrix. Conventionally to be used in fitness centers and gyms, the Matrix TF50 treadmill can now be used at home too.

If you are inclined to gravitate towards a high-end treadmill, the Matrix TF50 comes with the option to choose from 4 consoles. 

Depending on your choice of console, the treadmill has a plethora of attractive features. Beginning with a web connection, an HDMI cable, excellent speakers and so much more. 

Other features available irrespective of the console you choose, is a wide cushioned deck, portability, and foldability. 

It features almost same as Nordictrack T 6.5 si Treadmill

In-depth Review of Matrix TF50 Treadmill 


Made of a strong steel frame, the material’s sturdiness keeps the treadmill adjoined with the track, deck, and base. 

It’s cushioning capability and 300-pound weight does not mean that you would experience difficulty folding it.

Matrix TF50 Construction


Depending on the kind of console you choose in the TF50, all are equipped with different features. 

The smallest XR console has an 8.5-inch LCD screen. The second XER console has a 10-inch touchscreen. The third XIR console has a 16-inch display. Lastly, a fourth console option is the XUR measuring 22-inches for a high definition screen experience.

However, all of them have wireless heartbeat sensors, container holders, and an energy-saving mode.


The Matrix TF50 Treadmill’s components function efficiently together for a top-quality experience. The engine allows you to run up to 12.5 mph. 

The track facilitates any runner with plenty of space to back your steps whilst providing cushioning for your legs. 

The machine’s durability allows for its sturdy body to be folded when needed without any damage to it. 

Matrix TF50 Functionality


Every Matrix Treadmill console offers a warranty for five years. However, the TF50 has a warranty for seven years on its parts, an unlimited warranty for the motor, frame, and cushioning. 


The frame is composed of steel which includes the console, with speakers depending on the kind of console you opt for. 

The steel keeps the machine compact and easy to store when folded.


Beneath the console, a long connecting handlebar, taking the form of a semicircle, connects both sides of the frame. The handlebars are placed in the front for close grip. 

The handles are padded to be easily gripped if you have clammy hands.

Matrix TF50 Treadmill Handrails


The deck is long with a track measuring 60’’ x  20’’ to give you a freer space. 

Additionally, the deck also has a cushion design dedicated to the comfort of your muscles and joints. Besides this, the track also has the ability to incline up to 15-degrees to match the intensity of an outdoor run.

Motor :

The engine supports a speed of 12.5 mph suitable for brisk walking or fast running. The motor has a 3.5 CPH that supports you effectively if you are a beginner.

Screen :

The XR is the smallest screen with the ability to display your workout information. The XER console is a touchscreen that permits access to applications. 

The XIR console has a 16-inch touchscreen with a clear resolution display. Lastly, the XUR console is Matrix’s largest console with a special touchscreen that measures 22 inches that allows you to watch videos, workout content, and movies.

Matrix TF50 screen


The layout comprises of a durable frame and a spacious track with aluminum rails at either side for protection. 

It also has a total dimension of 81.3 inches x 35.8 inches with wheels under the track to transport it and store it comfortably.

The Pros

  • The recent console connects to a WiFi
  • Allows connection to your device
  • An HDMI cable to replicate your device
  • Includes an energy-saving feature
  • Connects with the iFit program
  • Allows you to create personalized workout programs
  • Powerful speakers
  • Two-year labor warrant

The Cons

  • A bigger size will take up more space
  • The motor is not suitable for extremely intense workouts
  • Features available depend on the console model
  • The built-in programs vary with each model
  • A larger weight may be more challenging to move
  • The speed limit is not suitable for hard trainer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Treadmill Brands are the Best?

Matrix produces great quality higher-end treadmills. 

However, if you are searching for an equally good treadmill with additional features, other brands like the Nordictrack treadmills, Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmills, and the Proform Performance Treadmill function just as well while being less costly.

How Much do Treadmills Normally Cost?

If you want a treadmill with no specific high-quality features in mind that gets the job done, treadmills usually range between $1000 to $2000. Treadmills within this range are manufactured by ProForm and Nordictrack. 

However, a high-end treadmill can rack up a cost of up to $5000. It goes to show treadmills are all about the investment you are willing to make.

Is a Treadmill better or an Elliptical Trainer?

If you are more likely to have a weaker muscular structure, an elliptical trainer would be the way to go for your daily exercise. 

Otherwise, if your focus is on losing calories and getting intense workouts, treadmills would be the way to go.

Final Words

The Matrix TF50 along with being of premium quality is also quite costly which is precisely why the detailed information above will help you finalize your decision to purchase it.

Overall the Matrix TF50 is a high-value folding treadmill with a multitude of features to enjoy your running experience indoors.

Matrix TF50 treadmill price check

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Let’s Watch video!! Matrix TF50 Treadmill Review

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