Best 10 Way How to Move a Treadmill: A overall plot

Aug 17, 2021 | Treadmill blog

Treadmills are elephantine in size and shifting a treadmill from somewhere is a burden. Careless or haphazardly moving can make a person injured and wreck the equipment. Here we will guide you on how to move a treadmill from someplace to manage the process along with several tips.

how to move a treadmill

First, set a basic moving plan. Please don’t move the treadmill without a little knowledge about the equipment. There are different options for moving it based on wheels. You could get away with moving a treadmill by yourself when your treadmill has the wheel. If the treadmill doesn’t have wheels, you need an extra set of hands to move it. To go up or downstairs, you need to be very careful or hire someone to help you avoid muscle tear or back pain.

Please follow the simple steps to how to move a treadmill as well as the safety of the treadmill.

Follow the manual for moving instructions

You got a user guide or manual with your treadmill when purchasing it which will have all the instructions regarding these queries and also contain step-by-step directions on folding, dismantling, and all necessities about the machine.  If you lost your user manual, go to the back of your treadmill to find the make and model, then search online. You need to know the answer to the questions below before you move a treadmill:

  1.  Is it being folded in half or should you dismantle it?
  2.  Are there wheels to roll the treadmill around or need to use a furniture dolly for more feasibility?
  3.  How much does your machine weigh? Will you be able to handle and lift it alone or will you need backup or consider renting a furniture dolly?
  4.  Does the manual explain how to take apart the treadmill?
  5. Do you have any locking instructions?

If the treadmill doesn’t have a locking mechanism, you need to provide ropes or a cord to hook up it during the move. Up to 45 pounds treadmills may need two people to move it and over 100 pounds treadmills may need three or more assistants.

Note: By renting a furniture dolly, you can avoid all hassles

Unplug the treadmill and eject the safety key

Unplug your treadmill that’s plugged into the wall or it may damage the plug or the wire, and you may even knock down for the jolt. Then fold the cord and wrap it with moving tape so it’s not hanging .After removing the safety key, store it in a plastic bag and tap it with the treadmill to find it easily when assembled.

Explore the Treadmill’s Moving Parts

A non-foldable treadmill might have the opportunity to adjust some parts for easy transportation. Please check the owner’s manual for information about which part you can be able to partially disassemble from the treadmill. You need to be very careful with its parts while disassembling it yourself. Keep the small things, like bolts and nuts in a bag with a mark  for that you will find them easily while assembling.

Significant Element

To protect the surrounding walls and furniture during the move you need to purchase some ropes, straps, and moving Treadmills blankets. Wrap the handrails and the frame with soft blankets which support to absorb shock and crack hit while relocating and ropes or straps can hold the machine in place while it’s on the dolly.

Room Transfer

Sometimes you may need to transfer your treadmill from one room to another. In this case, if your treadmill has wheels, you can roll it on the same level as far as possible without using a dolly or folding the treadmill. Steps are_

  1.   Stand at the end of the treadmill.
  2. Grip the upright bars, and other people will grab the bottom side of the belt section.
  3.  Carefully tip back the treadmill till it is balanced on the wheels.
  4. Gently move  towards  the treadmill out of the house to its destinations
  5. Carefully avoid the obstacles.

Displace Obstacles on the Way if Required

Check the path across which you have to move the treadmill in advance as the precaution of facing an obstacle. If your treadmill is too wide to fit through your household entrance when in a folded and locked position, carefully remove the door and frame to make more room for it.  To avoid any problems you need to clean the obstacles before moving a treadmill, like remove carpets, chairs, etc. If there are any pets or kids in the house make sure that they are at least out of the way and in a safe position.

Move downstairs with care

There is a lot of equipment to grip your treadmill when moving downstairs.  Go and purchase them. But if you have no equipment to grip it,then move it with the help of some more people. When moving down the stairs, you need to position a stronger person in front of the treadmill to save the steps first. They will take on a maximum of the weight of it. The person on the top end must manage a good grip to save some weight which falls on the person on the lower side. To avoid sweating, you can wipe your hand or can use moving gloves. It is really hard to turn in your staircase; to face a complicated situation, please do not hesitate to call for professional help on it

Lift the Treadmill Safely

When you need to move the treadmill on your own or by a dolly, you need to do it properly. At this time care that never lifts the machine with your back can cause a serious injury. When lifting any heavy equipment you can follow these steps to protect yourself:

  • Bend your knees as much as they needed and strongly grip the bottom of the treadmill. Lift the bottom edge of the treadmill cautiously and fold it upward.  Keep yourself calm and Steady and hold the treadmill vertically.
  • Lift using the weight in your legs to carry the weight when lifting it and do not use your back, to do so.
  • Grip the treadmill console and carefully till the treadmill keeps in the ground. To avoid possible accidents do all the process slowly and with care.
  • Hold the treadmill as close as possible to your body and don’t keep your hands or lift above the shoulder level.

Use a Furniture Dolly

You don’t need a dolly to move a treadmill that has wheels and only needs to transfer from one room to another. But we recommend a furniture dolly for long-distance, upstairs, or downstairs movement. The weight is distributed evenly when the equipment is in the center and spreads the weight overall everywhere similarly.

Wrap the treadmill on the moving truck.

 To protect from other obstacles on its journey, wrap it in moving blankets or extra padding and hook the treadmill against a wall when it is in the truck or trolley.

Reassemble the treadmill

Follow all the necessary steps to reassemble the treadmill in its new place basis on the owner manual. Lock the device again in an upright position and add the safety key as before.

Hire a Moving Company if Needed

Sometimes, it is hard to find any help, and considering it difficult to move a treadmill on your own, then hire a moving company will be a solution. They are professionals who know how to move a treadmill and use dollies and transfer heavy items daily to their new place without damaging the walls of the equipment.  It saves your time and energy and also provides your safety from injuries or unpleasant accidents. So, it is a good idea if you are asking for professional help at all.

Benefits of using a moving company_

  •         Most moving companies have insurance.
  •         They are all arranged with necessary moving supplies.
  •         They are trained to move items up and down the steep or winding staircase
  •         They take extra precautions to protect your equipment.


We try to include all important ways and points on this moving guide to help you how to move a treadmill in the best way. Remember to know your strength and don’t take more stress than you can realistically handle. Paid a little money to movers will help you to be relaxed and save from injury.

How to Move a Treadmill: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: is it possible for me to move a treadmill on my own?

A:  a treadmill weighs less than 45 pounds, and if you have enough strength to carry it, then you may be able to move it on your own. Even if it’s easy to lift the treadmill, always consider assistance to help you in this process to keep yourself safe and sound.

Q: What is the best way to move a heavy machine like a treadmill?

A: To move a treadmill, you need to follow the instructions of the manual books for folding, adjusting, or disassembling the equipment step by step. You also need to lift it on a dolly, secure it, and reassemble again. Hire an expert if you want to avoid hassles.

Q: How do I move a treadmill upstairs?

A: When it’s needed to move a treadmill upstairs, remember not to take a risk to do it alone. You’ll need help from at least one friend or mover. Some people like to use a dolly to move the treadmill.

When moving, a person must need to hold the belt, and the other should be at the opposite end of the treadmill. To avoid slips Grip the belt area carefully. The person holding the belt should walk first. Another person should always maintain a secure grip on the treadmill when moving up and down the stairs. Here, the other mover should be responsible for angling it the right way when passing corners. Move extremely carefully, to avoid hitting surrounding objects.

Q: How can I store a treadmill?

A: to store a treadmill, Leave the treadmill unassembled, and remove the batteries from the console. Also, assemble all loose parts in a bag and tape the bag to the frame. It ensures you avoid damage or lose track of the components. Store it in dry, climate-controlled spaces.

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