Top 6 Best Exercise Machine for Lower Back Pain

Aug 16, 2021 | Treadmill blog

Aching back is one of the most common health problems and only in the United States, more than 8 percent of all adults suffer from persistent or chronic back pain, who are willing to spend a lot on Health care and others to alleviate or cure bad back. To heal the lower back wounds, you need a proper treatment with a few days’ rest, and if your physician suggests taking regular exercise then you need to choose the best exercise machine for lower back pain which helps you to lose weight and reduce back pain.

Note: PLEASE, Consult with a professional caregiver before starting an exercise program.

A well-balanced exercise routine can provide remarkable benefits (physical, mental) for individuals struggling with a bad back.

  1. Strengthening and Stretching muscle groups to support your back: Ask your physical therapist for instructions on specific stretching and strengthening exercises to help back pain.
  1.   Avoid excessive stresses on your back: such as climbing, lifting heavy weights, squatting, high-impact exercises such as running, jumping, and step aerobics —are not advised.

If back pain is a concern try these types of exercise equipment_____

We will try to guide you with some exercise machines that may help to heal or reduce and at the same time keep you fit to adjust your daily life. Here some of them we expose about:

    • Elliptical trainer
    • Step Machine
    • Modified Exercise Bike
    • Treadmill
    • Weight Machines
    • Whole-body vibration platforms (WBV)


    1. Elliptical Trainer

    Nowadays most individuals with back pains are recommended to use elliptical machines by Physiotherapists and fitness professionals.

    The elliptical trainer machine imitated natural walking that can be used for different aerobic exercises like cross-country skiing, stair-stepping, running, or walking which is especially fruitful for people suffering from back pain. Most elliptical machines have handles that create a slight twisting motion through your trunk, so take advice from your doctor to select the best one for you. With its separate foot platforms, the machine can move back and forth in the smooth, steady slide and without injuring your back it can go up to high speeds. Most elliptical machines allow you to adjust the incline and resistance settings, for work on divergent muscle groups. 

    Best Exercise Machine For lower Back Pain
    1. Step Machine

    The step machine has a foot platform that’s similar to an elliptical trainer. The individual pedals or platforms can be pumped up and down, and you do not need to take your feet off which makes it a good, low impact exercise machine for the back pain sufferer. Without shaking, this machine gives you the feel of walking upstairs which is a great workout. Step machines have stationary rails on both sides but you need to avoid holding these rails. In a stepper machine, you are stepping while in an elliptical machine you are striding, which is the main difference between them. With a limited stepping movement, the stepper machine made the range of motion shorter to keep the stepping in place.

    Some manufacturers do not add the handle and you need to use your core for balance. You can keep the stepper in an area near arm-level furniture and can use it as a little support when you need it. With its compact and easy-packed design, it can gain more attention from the users as the best exercise machine for lower back pain.

    Best Exercise Machine for Lower Back Pain
    1. Modified Exercise Bike

    Modified exercise bikes are accommodated for back pain that offers a magnificent aerobic workout with no or little no influence on your lower back. There are two different kinds of cycling systems to choose the better one suited to your circumstance. Individuals with spinal stenosis or osteoarthritis of the spine, who are usually able to lean forward, can frequently choose an upright exercise bike to be more comfortable which can relieve the pain. In contrast, a recumbent exercise bike might be more comfortable for people suffering from degenerative disc disease or lower back pain which will give more support to their lower back compared to upright bikes. Before deciding to get one, talk to your doctor and make sure which exercise bike is better for you.

    Still, you need to do another exercise to fit the upper body since it is not involved with a stationary bike exercise.

    exercise bike
    1. Treadmill

    Walking in the natural environment in the presence of sunlight is a great exercise that helps strengthen and rebuild your bones if you have difficulties with back pain or any back discomfort. However, in the pandemic condition, due to illness or time, even in a polluted environment, it is not always possible to walk outside. In this case, the treadmill is considered as a piece of good exercise equipment for other practitioners for weight loss as well as people suffering from back pain. 

    A treadmill works slightly easier than walking outdoors because it helps to propel each step as well as providing a softer surface but not putting too much pressure on your lower back. With the help of a treadmill, you can practice whenever and wherever you like, which is not possible in the case of outdoor exercise even if you can rest in the middle of your workout. You can set the incline as per your requirement or as per the advice of the doctor.

    Treadmills are usually associated with a built-in motor unit and some more sophisticated mechanics features which made it cost a bit more than elliptical. Treadmills are usually associated with a built-in motor unit and some more sophisticated mechanics features which made it cost a bit more than elliptical. You can get the best treadmill under $300  and also can look for a small treadmill for an apartment in these two links.

    Best Exercise Machine for Lower Back Pain
    1. Weight Machines

    When you are using an exercise machine that just works with your lower body to help your back pain, at a time you also need a machine to keep your upper part fit. Weight machines are very helpful exercise equipment for upper body exercises that allow you to adjust the weight to lift it as required. You do not need to bend your back to lift the weight and can give a better feeling to both the upper and lower parts of your body.

    weight machine
    1. Whole-body vibration platforms (WBV)

    A lot of debate and research is still running around the world, “whether whole-body vibration platforms help with back pain or not. Some experts believe that a vibration platform will relieve the back pain symptoms, not increase them, and recommend it to use for individuals who want to relieve back pain. Few studies also show that six months of use of WBV increased the bone density of the spine area of postmenopausal women. But it’s not proof of the whole process. So discuss with your physician before using it if you have a severe back condition, or other medical conditions like hernia, heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, or any other critical physical condition.


    Avoid to use____

    There are some machines, good for fitness but worse for individuals with back pain. We want to caution you about this as our article is written for your better back.

    Lying leg press

    As in the lying leg press machine you need to lie down with your legs above your head, which creates a load more than your body weight in your body. All the weight directly hits your lower part which is strictly prohibited for people facing back pain. So please avoid this machine.

    Hip abductor

    While exercising with Hip abductors, it can hit directly on your spine and squeeze it together or pull apart. So please don’t think of using it if you have back pain.

    Loaded stationary calf raise

    When the weight rests on your shoulders during the workout on this machine, it puts too much stress on your spine. Avoid this to keep your back safe.

    In back pain you also avoid this kind of exercise:

    •  Common Abdominal Exercises

    •  Pushups

    • Double Leg Raises

    •  Cycling

    •  Running


    Before concluding thoughts and outlined the workout, please consult with your physician about exercise equipment if you’re in between and around which exercise or gym equipment is best for you. Keep faith in yourself, you are the one who can save your back by choosing the best exercise machine for lower back pain, and it is our little effort to put out this information about the  Best Exercise Machine for Lower Back Pain to help you clear the concept.

    Need any help? Please ask.


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